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Diverse team of industry experts

Your team will be hand-picked from a pool of marketing, sales and development specialists, drawing on their directly relevant experience to accelerate the campaign’s process and boost results.

Design & Branding

Create the marketing materials to establish a brand and interact with potential buyers.


Full-stack web and mobile app development – including content and marketing.

Lead Generation

Create sales funnels from market research, prospecting, initial outreach and pre-sales activities.

Social Media

Establish a presence and engage with potential buyers through rich, multi-channels campaigns.

Team Members


Live campaigns

Years in Business

Our Story

Our vision was to create a seamless marketing and sales solution

As entrepreneurs with sales and marketing backgrounds, we often experienced the frustration of finding and micromanaging individuals and teams when launching and growing our businesses.

We needed simplicity, transparent pricing and a reliable source that would not only understand our needs but grow with us.

EngageGroup.io was created to fill this gap in the market and, while we work with larger enterprises, our focus remains with supporting start-ups and SMEs from launch onwards.


Meet The Team


Co-Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur with a background in financial services sales management and executive leadership and performance training.

Julie Greenwway


Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Passionate about implementing cutting-edge technology and social media to help companies grow, develop a brand and loyal following.

Jason Smith

Senior Project Manager

Meticulous attention to detail and out-of-the-box thinking make Jason invaluable in managing complex projects and diverse teams.

Get started

Start building a sales pipeline


Work with us to craft a multi-channel campaign – get noticed, expand your network, and drive sales through direct and indirect approaches that combine to bring you leads.


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Get in touch

Contact us to develop a step-by-step strategy to increase leads and boost sales. Whether you are pre-launch or simply need to build a consistent sales pipeline, we can help you pinpoint areas for improvement and get traction in new or existing marketplaces.