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Pricing Plans

Plans to suit every budget and your company’s stage of development – spread the cost in monthly instalments and focus on those areas key to your company’s growth.


Build a custom strategy

Contact us to discuss those parts of your business you want to focus on or arrange for us to review your current marketing materials and sales process to identify areas to work on and develop a comprehensive plan to boost sales – this may involve re-branding, a refresh of your current marketing materials and website or a new approach to selling your products or solutions.


We help clients connect with clients and close business.

Whether a start-up or SME in growth mode, we offer new ways to engage with prospective clients and re-engage with your client base to maximise sales opportunities.


Focus your sales-funnel

Structured, comprehensive testing of client personas, industries, and channels will help direct your future marketing efforts, ensuring that you focus on only the most responsive segments while achieving excellent ROI – potentially discovering new markets, building referral networks,  and innovative ways to promote your solution.


Sales & Marketing Services

Web Development

From simple ‘brochure websites’ to more complex, interactive sites developed on a variety of platforms, we can build from the ground up or improve on your existing site.

Design Services

Brand creation/refresh and a full range of sales and marketing tools for every step of the customer journey, from initial engagement to after-sales follow-up.

App Development

Boost customer engagement, retention and find opportunities to upsell, cross-sell and add value through interactive mobile applications – our primary focus is on Android devices.

AI Chatbots

Maximise sales by converting traffic to your website into leads and purchases – go beyond FAQ pages and offer live support and answer questions in a dynamic way.

Security Audit

Avoid the loss of sensitive client or company data, hefty fines for non-compliance and inspire client confidence and trust by ensuring your site follows best-practices.

Sales Audit

Get a professional, fresh perspective on missed sales opportunities to up-sell, cross-sell, close and retain clients. Identify weakness and discover ways to overcome them.

Sales Training

Following a sales audit, put into place structured processes and specific approaches to make best use of leads, existing pipelines and databases of lapsed clients.

Marketing Review

Identify channels generating the best ROI and discard under-performing channels to ensure marketing budgets are geared towards maximizing lead flow at minimum cost.

"EngageGroup worked hard to improve our sales processes targeting expats in Moscow through creating a pipeline of leads and one-to-one training with sales executives."

Raiffeisen Bank Russia

"The team impressed by quickly getting to grips with our brief and coming up with a solid sales strategy that involved training our sales team and creating relevant marketing materials."

Sony Europe

"An intensive sales and language training programme impacted quickly on increasing my sales pipeline and closing rates."

Senior Sales Executive, Bombardier Polska



EngageGroup helped me rapidly create a web presence and all the marketing materials needed to sell my training service – now they are working on building a sales pipeline.


I was struggling to get traction in new markets – Engage’s work building a partnership networked opened doors and landed me my first clients. Look forward to growing my business and continue to recommend their services.


I knew my idea was good but convincing prospective clients of the value was an uphill battle – EngageGroup found a way of promoting my language training programmes that resonated with buyers and helped me establish a solid client base.


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Get in touch

Contact us to develop a step-by-step strategy to increase leads and boost sales. Whether you are pre-launch or simply need to build a consistent sales pipeline, we can help you pinpoint areas for improvement and get traction in new or existing marketplaces.