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While the need for a strong search presence on Google remains strong, SEO has become increasingly complex and it takes consistent effort to earn your SERP place.

Links remain among the most important ranking factors so, to make it easy for Google’s algorithm to determine the reliability and accuracy of your content, ensure you include lots of data and references to other (trusted) sources, creating your narrative’s meaning around insights that build on widely available datasets.  For the same reasons, it is essential to regularly update existing content to ensure it sources current, relevant information and references working pages/links.

Paid Search 


Defining single keyword ad groups are no long a reliable strategy as Google has made it keyword match less strict, the next best thing is to opt for the exact match keyboard option and then build a list of negative keywords arounds it to exclude people who search for your keyword and other irrelevant terms.

In general terms, the main social media channels worth focusing on for most B2B solutions are Facebook Lead Ads, designed to simple the purchase or signup process from inside Facebook without using external landing pages, and LinkedIn ads, the channel with highest engagement rates in the B2B space.

LinkedIn advertising needs to be highly tactical to be effective: use buyer personas for audience targeting, frame adverts with a topical, timely and relevant angle by linking to industry news. As with any form of advertising, key is ongoing testing of CTAs, the images and advertising copy used.

Facebook Lead Ads capitalise on the trend for B2B buyers to purchase through mobile internet usage and make it easy for users to access your offer, signup or purchase in a couple of clicks within the social network. As with LinkedIn advertising, it is possible to run highly targeted and customisable campaigns.

On a side note, with some pegging social media conversion rates for B3B lead generation at c. 1.95%, PPC enjoys higher rates of c. a2.70% (depending on industry and other factors). Rather than replace organic traffic, PPC should complement SEO campaigns as, even with high page rankings, your website could be almost invisible under paid PPC adverts position above the fold.

Content Marketing

Attracting and sustaining engagement with a highly targeted audience by creating useful, valuable content is a long-term strategy that, with regular and consistent posting, can improve your search presence by linking your keyboards to published content through indexed pages and driving traffic to your website. Equally, adding compelling, relevant CTAs in the posts can drive traffic to a landing page and keep existing clients in the loop and remind them to place repeat orders.

Developing a content marketing calendar requires a substantial time investment on an ongoing basis – the upside is that it generates 3x more leads compared to traditional marketing, influences over 60% of consumers, and established authority and credibility within this industry or niche.

For this reason, it is best to focus on producing content on topics that you are an expert in or, if opinion pieces, back up conclusions and insights with data. While posting on trending on content allows you to piggyback on popular topics at a particular moment, they are not as evergreen as how-to guides (which also require regular updates).  Visual content is some of the most effective but, as expensive and time-consuming to produce, most companies publish little in the way of infographics, videos or interactive content – committing resources to these areas will give you a significant edge as over 70% of B2B audiences prefer watching a video to reading about topics.



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