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Social Media

Marketing for SMEs

Social Media Marketing for SMEs – build an audience and boost sales by regularly posting to social media channels on behalf of your business to build trust, credibility and drive traffic to your website.


How Does it Work?


We use your ideal client profile to select the most suitable, relevant channels to engage with potential clients and devise a content strategy, blending promotion and valuable insight & information.


Regular interaction with potential buyers is key to building rapport, trust and credibility – so a daily post is planned for each channel.  Gain an edge of the competition by staying ‘front of mind’  at every stage of the buyer’s journey.


We closely monitor which posts resonate best with your audience (through likes, share and comments) and track which posts lead to website visits and sales.  Constant evaluation allows us to fine-tune your messaging and focus on the topics and channels that most impact your bottom line.

Viral marketing

Monthly offers and prize draws are posted to social media and then virally promoted by your audience (as this increases their chance of winning), building an ever-growing email subscription list which is then used for a monthly newsletter.


Watch It In Action


Build an audience & boost sales

Social Media has become an essential for engaging with potential clients and existing customers – keeping your company front of mind is often the difference between winning or losing business.

 UK – percentage of adults using Facebook 79%, Twitter 47%, Pinterest 36%, Instagram 41%

US – percentage of adults using Facebook 86%, Twitter 44%, Pinterest 52%, Instagram 47%

Most users consume social media daily with at least 3 sessions – this means any SME that wants to attract more customers can put their message, products and services in front of your ideal client profiles regularly.

​By posting regularly in the places where they spend time, you can build trust and rapport which results in customer choosing your business over a competitor.


What’s included:

Done-for-you service

Full Customization

Graphic design (posts, landing pages, newsletter)

Ongoing Support

Email list management

A/B testing

Newsletter distribution

Built In Analytics

"The team impressed by quickly getting to grips with our brief and coming up with a solid sales strategy that involved training our sales team and creating relevant marketing materials."

Sony Europe

"EngageGroup worked hard to improve our sales processes targeting expats in Moscow through creating a pipeline of leads and one-to-one training with sales executives."

Raiffeisen Bank Russia

"An intensive sales and language training programme impacted quickly on increasing my sales pipeline and closing rates."

Senior Sales Executive, Bombardier Polska

“Incredible ROI- well worth the investment”

Engage took the complexity out of running a viral campaign and had it up and running (and pulling in leads) within days. 

“I Tripled the size of my email lists!”

Exceeded expectations – we quickly built up a strong email list and generated lots of new business through the newsletter.

“Helped turn my business around”

Because of Engage, we were able to push through a slump and increase sales in a very competitive industry – all without the usual ad spend!


Build an ever-growing and highly valuable list to generate sales 

Beyond offering a high ROI by driving traffic to your business for a fraction of the costs associated with traditional advertising campaigns, the upshot of this campaign is to create a valuable asset: an email marketing list of people interested in your business that can be used to generate sales on an ongoing basis.


Transparent pricing

The pricing below is for the first month only or a list of up to 500 people. 

As the list, grows, you add £30 per each additional 500 subscribers. 


Clients include:

Get in touch

Contact us to develop a step-by-step strategy to increase leads and boost sales. Whether you are pre-launch or simply need to build a consistent sales pipeline, we can help you pinpoint areas for improvement and get traction in new or existing marketplaces.