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While each campaign is unique and the particular strategy used and results achieved will depend on your company’s current stage of development and goals, here are some very general answers to the most common questions:


Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect and when?

The results will depend on the type and complexity of the project or campaign. If we are focussing purely on lead generation, then you can expect measurable results within weeks; if we are building a brand from scratch or refreshing your brand, then marketing and sales activities will only start once the design and development stages are complete. Contact us to make a detailed plan and define a timeline.

What guarantees do I have that my campaign will perform?

No one can guarantee the exact results or accurately predict when they will occur – to pretend otherwise would be misleading or dishonest. We can, however, set realistic expectations based on previous campaigns – as we are rarely ‘reinventing the wheel’ and we can build your campaign on the most successful parts of previous similar campaigns and anticipate similar results within a similar timeframe.  

How will I know if my campaign is working?

Ultimately everything we do is about results – we create marketing materials as a sales tool; we drive traffic and develop leads through various channels for your sales pipeline; we device strategies to get more sales from your existing client databases; we train your people to be more persuasive and close more sales. The upshot of all campaigns is a measurable increase in sales.

Will this work for my company / industry?

If your company offers solutions that are in-demand or solve a problem that individuals and businesses experience, then the answer is most likely 'yes'.  We base our approaches and strategies on proven successes and best practices i.e., what has worked previously can form a basis for building your campaign while taking in to account unique market conditions or distinguishing features about your product or service.

Is this an automated service?

No. You deal with an account manager and team. We make use of AI, machine learning and big data to discern patterns, trends and links that would not necessarily be apparent to human teams – but this is simply to accelerate your campaign and develop a picture of what has worked on previous campaign and is likely to work in the case of your company.

Can I track progress? How will I know what is happening?

Yes, you can speak to or communicate (email, IM)  with your account manager and we provide you with regular updates so that you are never left in the dark.

Do you offer X service – I don’t see it listed on your website?

Very likely. If it is related to digital marketing or boosting sales then we probably offer such a service. Contact to discuss your requirements in detail and let’s work on a comprehensive plan with measurable results.

I offer a unique solution – will your services work for my product/service?

Without details, it would be impossible to say. Schedule a call and we can discuss whether our services would be a good fit. We can sign NDAs before you share any sensitive content.  

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Contact us to develop a step-by-step strategy to increase leads and boost sales. Whether you are pre-launch or simply need to build a consistent sales pipeline, we can help you pinpoint areas for improvement and get traction in new or existing marketplaces.